FLOOD THE MONETARY SYSTEM (with actual promises)

idea by cassiethornton
FLOOD THE MONETARY SYSTEM (with actual promises)




The Idea


Money is a promise, and we'll never run out of those. I will make a unique currency to use for trade. You should too, and I’ll help you get started. Let’s flood the market of every day transactions with temporary, unique, homemade currencies and be surprised at the possibilities of exchange.

The Specifics

Imagine if many people authored their own currencies, small groups and individuals, offering what they could in exchange for what they need. It would be difficult and messy, but it would represent our ability to value what we have and to get what we need without reliance on the financial system. I want to offer workshops through schoolofthefuture.org locally or online about the history of alternative currency, solidarity economies, to instigate currency making. I would compensate myself for my work: $350. I am currently making my debt into a physical currency. I will learn to use this currency to trade for supplies and to have new forms of exchange. Material cost: $150.

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