Financial Fitness is A PUBLIC THING! Opening space to talk money in person, in print and online!

idea by colinkloecker
Financial Fitness is A PUBLIC THING! Opening space to talk money in person, in print and online!




The Idea


A PUBLIC THING is an experimental civic process that opens up public space for conversations on a theme, in this case: FINANCIAL FITNESS. The result: new community connections, deeper personal knowledge, and a collectively-authored print publication that broadcasts the conversation beyond the event.

The Specifics

The first A PUBLIC THING took place on Sat., Nov. 5, 2011 on the theme of Financial Engagement. Fifty people gathered in downtown Minneapolis to talk frankly about money, debt, big banks, credit unions, financial interdependence and the affect of all this on our communities.

From that event we realized the importance of real solutions and resources we can trust. This spring we will convene a new series of APT conversations on FINANCIAL FITNESS with more individuals and organizations from our community. By creating an intentionally open conversation, we'll generate resources for a publication that will help us navigate the complicated financial questions we're facing.

$500 will pay for 2,000 copies of this free newsprint publication.

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It is a simple idea that brings the power of people together. Many minds discussing a topic will ultimately lead to greater understanding (even if our current politics seem to contradict that). The world faces a lot of challenges during the next decade and these type of events which people can attend and learn from others will be truly beneficial. As someone who graduated with a finance degree and few current prospects of a job in that field, I would love to start or attend a gathering of this kind in my community. I often assist customers who are having trouble understanding credit card statements and some people are very illiterate when it comes to personal finance. One thing I try to do more is share financial health stories and tips through my blog and twitter. I wish your group success. You've definitely got my vote.

by kylescallahan
about 4 years ago | Reply

Thanks for the kind words, Kyle! And thanks for your vote!

by colinkloecker
about 4 years ago | Reply

This program is really using civic engagement to improve knowledge and enhance dialogue on such an important issues --financial health. How do you envision growing this organization and events in the future? Do you take suggestions for topics?

by Hana Ros
about 4 years ago | Reply

Hana, that's a really great question! As one of the organizers of the event, I can tell you that we've thought a lot about how we might expand this event to cover different themes or topics, and also, to try it out in different kinds of public spaces. We're definitely open to suggestions, and hope that eventually we could get to a point where one gathering would also point toward a theme or topic for the next - perhaps those in attendance could make suggestions and decide together. We're definitely open to suggestions! We've even thought about designing a simple kit that could help others hold similar events in their public parks, libraries, or community centers!

by ShanaiHaana
about 4 years ago | Reply

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