Slicing the Wealth Pie and Giving Our Kids a Slice

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Slicing the Wealth Pie and Giving Our Kids a Slice

The Idea


Financial literacy is a vital aspect in bridging the gap between poor and wealthy children. Understanding credit, saving and investing, and other healthy financial habits, are invaluable tools. The opportunity to succeed in this nation should not be reserved exclusively for wealthy children.

The Specifics

Young Investors Academy is committed to leveling the professional playing field for disadvantaged youth pursuing careers in finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. Through an intensive and engaging 8 week summer program*, youth will learn fundamental investing and business concepts, from experienced financial and business professionals. Youth who participate in the program for 4 years and are pursuing careers in finance, will be prepared for the Series 6 exam.

Too often, the children of America’s wealthy, exclusively enjoy the benefits that come with wealth and affluence. With these funds, YIA hopes to bridge this gap by exposing youth, from economically disparaged communities, to concepts and careers in business and finance.

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This is exactly the kind of program that is needed to give youth from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to fully take part in the financial industry as innovators, rather than consumers. Way to go Y.I.A!

by jamesb285@gmail.com
about 4 years ago | Reply

I'm excited about Young Investors Academy and can't wait for the amazing impact we're going to have on the lives of youth. Winning this would be a great start!

by twrigh3
about 4 years ago | Reply

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