The New $1 Menu for Urban Youth

idea by StaceyMurphy
The New $1 Menu for Urban Youth




The Idea


With home economics classes removed from public education, it is imperative to get urban teens and young adults cooking again. Our teen-led $1Menu workshops will help urban families save money in their food budgets, and also in long-term health care by avoiding costly chronic diet-related illnesses.

The Specifics

BK Farmyards increases access to fresh, affordable food in Brooklyn and uses urban farming as a catalyst for addressing community food needs. As is in many urban areas, the largest need is for families to know how to put an affordable meal on the table that is also fast AND healthy. BK Farmyards $1Menu workshops train urban youth to lead the community in home-cooked meal planning that addresses these needs. In partnership with HSPS and Green Guerillas, we would use the funds to host 7 teen-led cooking demos at our farmers market and 2 intensive family cooking workshops this year. These funds would allow us to secure our talented nutritionist who inspires teens to become local food activists.

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