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The Idea


ACCESS is excited to introduce our newly launched financial literacy program, EdCents! EdCents is meant to act as a resource to help you acquire the skills and knowledge that you need to be financially successful in college. This includes student blog posts, videos, and interactive workshops.

The Specifics

EdCents is managed by the Postsecondary Sucess Coordinator at ACCESS. The student blogs, videos, and interactive workshops are all student-run and student-focused. Essentially, this is a financial literacy blog run "for students, by students."

Currently we are paying college students in the greater Boston area to complete the blogs, videos, and interactive workshops. Our budget for this blog does not allow us to utilize the eight students we currently have on board to their maximum potential.

If we are awarded the Get Financially Fit Challenge, we will use the funds to pay our students. This extra funding will allow us to increase the workload and pay of our current students, or hire 1-2 more students to further diversify EdCents'.

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Paying for college is incredibly confusing, no matter how diligent you are in seeking resources! Applying for FAFSA, seeking out scholarships, dealing with automated voicemails and of course, loan service providers is a part-time job on it's own. There is no better way to communicate how to weave through these issues from students who have gone through the process themselves. How are you ensuring the community uses such a great resource like this?

by Hana Ros
about 4 years ago | Reply

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